Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Harry Potter In a Nutshell

This is my other page I don't know how to work this stupid thing so I don't know how to make a new page, perhaps you can't? I don't know.

Anyway the whole point of this is to embrace the fact that Harry Potter is awesome and by reading this in no less than 15 minutes if not longer or shorter depending if you like a slow steady pace of reading or a oh I'll be late for cousins samantha's coffee chat I better go quickly, if the case like last time go away this is a pure site for people to enjoy life and LOVE HARRY POTTER.

Anyway back to Harry Potter

Previously in my life I had always seemed to enjoy the books and films written NOT WRITED by J.K Rowling ,an amazing person by the way, it seemed they made so much sense and when I saw the film after reading the books, which I could not put down, it was everything I had imagined exactly.

My favourite book/film is the Goblet of Fire (amazing) because, I seemed to always love the second  challenge of the Tri-Wizard Tournament the swimming in the black lake. I've always liked that don't know why.

But guys

        KEEP CALM
HARRY POTTER         What Can I Say ????
                                             Daniel Radcliffe is AWESOME!

A Hearty Hello


Now, A hearty hello to you and welcome to my blog created by nonother than blogspot (I think). But you don't want to know all that do you. The reason your here is to embrace the fact that you like Harry Potter. Now my friends will only want to come on here to see what I have done, not to listen to me banging on about Harry Potter.
     So unless your
A. My friend
B. Harry Pottet Fan
C. Twinkle the Kitten


Only joking I would never do that.
Well maybe not today. That's for sure

Now lets get started with the Harry Potter Intridosiosionez